Intel recruits Senior Game Developer Relations Engineer for DG2 graphics cards

Although there are still some days before Intel releases the DG2 series of discrete graphics cards, the progress seems to be faster than expected. Recently, Intel staff member Pete Brubaker posted on Twitter that he is currently looking for a senior game developer relations engineer. Intel is actively recruiting people with experience in cooperating with game developers in order to allow game developers to better optimize games and their engines for Intel’s graphics architecture. It shows that in terms of games, certain DG2 series of discrete graphics cards should be able to have a certain strength.

Intel has repeatedly confirmed that it will launch the DG2 series of discrete graphics cards in 2021, and has admitted that it will involve the game field, but has not yet confirmed whether it will launch a version for both desktop and mobile platforms. Previously, in order to allow developers to adapt to the new Xe architecture as soon as possible, Intel has provided partners with DG1 software development tools to optimize its graphics architecture.

Currently known as Intel’s DG2 series, the highest specification is the DG2-512EU graphics card, which is equipped with 512 EUs, has 4096 stream processors, has an acceleration frequency of 2.2GHz, is equipped with 16GB of GDDR6 memory. It is reported that its performance is comparable to that of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti.