Intel no longer regards the UK as an optional region for chip manufacturing

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently accepted an interview with the British BBC, saying that due to Brexit, Intel no longer regards the UK as an optional region for chip manufacturing. Intel currently selects suitable locations in EU countries to invest $95 billion in building a new semiconductor production base and at the same time upgrading the existing fab in Leixlip, Ireland.

Intel RAMP-C program

Image: Intel Corporation

Pat Gelsinger said that currently there are about 70 locations in the EU from 10 different countries to choose from. Intel hopes to finalize the specific address within this year and receive EU policy support. According to previous reports, in order to expand production capacity to provide sufficient manufacturing capacity and better implement the IDM 2.0 strategy, Intel will build multiple fabs in the same area. Munich, Bavaria, Germany is one of the candidate locations.

In the first phase, Intel will invest about $20 billion to build two fabs, and then build six fabs in phases. The plant will eventually have eight fabs, which will become a semiconductor manufacturing base worth $100 billion, and will eventually establish a vertically integrated semiconductor supply chain.