Intel may release the Raptor Lake Refresh in August

In the past few months, there have been many rumors surrounding whether Intel will cancel the desktop version of Meteor Lake, which uses the LGA 1851 socket and is known as Meteor Lake-S. Whether or not Intel will ultimately introduce Meteor Lake-S, it seems that there is little doubt that Raptor Lake Refresh will be available within this year, though the exact timing is unclear.

Recently, Twitter user @wxnod revealed that Intel will release Raptor Lake Refresh in August of this year as a minor update to the 13th generation Core processors.

Raptor Lake Refresh will still be manufactured using Intel’s 7nm process, and it is expected to include some optimization measures as well as frequency enhancements. It is unclear whether this will include DLVR technology, a new voltage regulation technology developed by Intel that can more accurately control voltage to reduce power consumption and improve power efficiency, which was once rumored to be used in Raptor Lake but was ultimately canceled.

It is known that Raptor Lake Refresh will cover consumer and entry-level workstation platforms, including 35W, 65W, and 125W models.