Intel may have chosen to build a new fab in Magdeburg, Germany

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger visited Europe last year, conducted a series of inspections and visits, and met with EU political and business stakeholders to explore the possibility of Intel building a new fab in continental Europe. Intel is looking to find suitable locations for new large fabs, an important part of its IDM 2.0 strategy.
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According to MDR reports, Intel has chosen to build its new fab in Magdeburg, which will create more than 1,000 new jobs. Magdeburg was chosen over the other two locations in Germany due to its central location in continental Europe, close to motorways, universities, and industrial areas, which can meet the transportation needs, and provide enough talents and related production materials.
It was previously reported that Intel was in discussions with Bavarian officials to build a new fab there, with the proposed site at an abandoned air force base near Munich. There are also many German automakers in the region, which are potential customers for Intel’s future new fabs.

Intel currently has a fab in Ireland, located in Leixlip, about 10 miles west of Dublin city center, which is undergoing expansion work to meet production requirements for future 7nm process nodes. The addition of a new fab in Europe will also help expand customers in the region, providing enough capacity to meet demand. In addition to Germany, Intel is also rumored to have considered Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and even included France and Italy to create a supply chain covering the upstream and downstream of semiconductors.