Intel launched the AI PC Acceleration Program

Intel recently introduced the “AI PC Acceleration Program,” aimed at enabling a broader range of developers to create applications leveraging artificial intelligence technology with the upcoming release of the Core Ultra laptop processors in December.

Within the Core Ultra series of laptop processors, codenamed “Meteor Lake,” Intel enhances AI computational capabilities by incorporating an NPU design. They have showcased applications such as ambient noise cancellation and background blurring. With the announcement of the “AI PC Acceleration Program,” Intel aspires to entice more developers to craft innovative AI-based services utilizing the Core Ultra laptop processors.

In this initiative, Intel has collaborated with over 100 brands, including Audacity, Adobe, BlackMagic, Webex, and Zoom, cumulatively launching more than 300 AI-centric applications. They will also offer resources from their OpenVINO development toolkit, coupled with pertinent marketing resources, aiming to attract further software technologists to design and promote AI computational applications.

On December 14th, Intel is set to formally release the Core Ultra series of laptop processors. Alongside this release, in collaboration with numerous brand partners, an array of laptops equipped with the new processors is anticipated, as well as the emergence of additional software features harnessing artificial intelligence capabilities.