Intel hopes to get involved in cloud gaming services with Project Endgame

Intel has previously confirmed on the Intel Arc brand page that it will hold an event called “A New Stage of the Game” at 8:00 am Pacific Time on March 30, 2022, to release the first Alchemist graphics card. Intel has fulfilled its promise at the 2022 investor meeting and will launch the first batch of Arc brand discrete graphics cards for mobile platforms in the first quarter.

In a related topic, Lisa Pearce, vice president, and general manager of Intel’s Visual Computing Group, in addition to talking about the first discrete graphics card being the Intel Arc A370M, also mentioned a service called “Project Endgame” again.

Intel first mentioned “Project Endgame” during its 2022 investor conference, saying it’s a low-latency computing experience that will launch later this year. Some have speculated that “Project Endgame” is similar to a game streaming service like Nvidia’s GeForce NOW.

According to Lisa Pearce, “Project Endgame is a unified services layer that harnesses computing resources everywhere – cloud, edge, and your home, to improve your gaming, and non-gaming, PC experiences. With Project Endgame, we can untether our users from their local hardware specs. Project Endgame is paving the roads for the next decade of real-time GPU experiences for Intel, with the goal of petaflops of compute accessible at a few millisecond latency, and starting in Q2 of this year we will take our first public steps.”

Intel said it is determined to lower the barriers that hinder the development of PC games, including game compatibility issues, long download times, changes in performance requirements, and frequent patches and updates. The ultimate solution is through software technologies such as cloud computing and global services, which require constant investment and innovation.

In fact, Intel didn’t reveal much about “Project Endgame”, and the specific situation still needs to wait for Intel’s next move.