Intel held the Intel Innovation Summit on September 27-28

Intel announced that it will host the “Intel Innovation” Summit in San Jose, California, from September 27-28, 2022. Intel said it was a developer event focused on artificial intelligence, client computing, the cloud, and future innovations. While Intel has made it clear that this is not a product launch event, there may be new product announcements in addition to technical conferences, demos, and workshops.

At this “Intel Innovation” summit, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and CTO Greg Lavender will each have their own keynotes covering AI, clients, cloud/accelerated computing, IoT, and 5G network and security topics.

As the time is approaching the release of Intel’s 13th-generation Core series processors codenamed Raptor Lake, I believe many people will expect Intel to share some new product information. At the “Intel Innovation” summit held in San Francisco from October 27 to 28 last year, Intel introduced the 12th-generation Core series processors code-named Alder Lake.