Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Intel has sent a USB 4 specification to the Linux kernel

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A month ago, the USB-IF organization officially released the next-generation USB4 standard specification. Based on the Intel Thunderbolt protocol, the bandwidth doubled again to 40Gbps, which is exactly the same as the Thunder 3 and is backward compatible with Thunder 3, USB 3.x/2.0, and only Type-C is an interface. USB-IF did not give a specific USB4 promotion schedule, but the entire industry has already taken action, especially Intel.

USB4 specification

It is reported that Intel open-source engineers have submitted USB4 code and patches to the Linux kernel. It is very simple to support. Intel only submitted 22 new patches, including less than 4000 lines of new code.

USB4 already has the basic functions of PCIe tunnel protocol, DisplayPort tunneling protocol, USB 3.x tunneling protocol, P2P network, firmware update, etc. under Linux. The only major lack is power management, but I believe it will soon be supported.

If all goes well, I believe that the Linux 5.5 kernel will openly support USB4.

Via: Phoronix