Intel has prepared Alder Lake-S processors with the KF suffix

Among the Alder Lake-S processors that Intel will release this year, the three known processors are Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K, and Core i5-12600K, as well as the supporting Z690 chipset. Rumors point out that there will be products with “K” and “KF” suffixes in the starting lineup. But the latest version 1.97 of the CPU-Z only confirmed three models with the “K” suffix, and the products with the “KF” suffix have not been seen yet.
Intel roadmap 2025

Image: Intel

On Intel Architecture Day 2021, Intel introduced Alder Lake in considerable detail, as the first desktop platform x86 processor with big.LITTLE hybrid architecture, in addition to P-Core core (Golden Cove), E-Core core (Gracemont), and some modules for I/O control, will also be equipped with Xe architecture GPU. In the past few generations of the Core series, Intel has always launched products with “KF” and “F” suffixes, which means that integrated graphics are disabled and users need to configure discrete graphics separately.

According to Twitter user @KOMACHI_ENSAKA, although the products with the suffixes “KF” and “F” in the 12th generation Core series have not yet appeared, Intel is ready, including Core i9-12900KF, Core i7-12700KF, and Core i5-12600KF, etc.

Due to the disabled integrated graphics, these processors may generate less heat than products with the “K” suffix. At the same time, these Intel processors may further reduce their prices to seize the market.

In the past, many users who planned to configure game consoles would choose processors with the “KF” suffix, and the installed cost-effectiveness would be higher. However, in the past year, the price of discrete graphics cards has risen, making processors with graphics units more attractive because they can get rid of discrete graphics cards when necessary. It was previously reported that Intel hopes that the Core i5-12600K can reshape the image of the “Core i5” and become a weapon in the competition with AMD, and the more cost-effective Core i5-12600KF should be one of them.