Intel Core i3-13100 appears on CPU-Z

With the release of Intel’s Raptor Lake, the 13th-generation Core processor, its product line has once again ushered in adjustments. Although many players focus on processors of Core i5 or above, however, there are still many users who only need processors with Core i3 or below specifications for daily use, and the shipments in this segment are not small.

Intel has now upgraded the Core i3 processor to a quad-core and eight-core level, and this configuration will continue on the 13th-generation Core processor. Recently, the Core i3-13100 has passed the verification of CPU-Z, which is the only model of the 13th generation Core processor with a TDP of 60W and no Efficient Core.

Source: Valid-X86

CPU-Z‘s database shows that the base frequency of the Intel Core i3-13100 processor is 3.4 GHz, but the sample tested does not seem to have a turbo frequency. It is understood that the Intel Core i3-13100 processor is still essentially the Alder Lake H0 die.

Intel will probably launch a new generation of non-K/KF Core processors at CES 2023 early next year, as well as the H770 and B760 chipsets. The platform that appears in the CPU-Z database this time is equipped with Gigabyte’s B660 motherboard and DDR5-4800 memory.