Intel Confirms Sapphire Rapids HEDT/Workstation CPUs Are Coming Soon

Recently, the first motherboard designed based on the Intel W790 chipset appeared. Many people speculate that the long-delayed Sapphire Rapids HEDT/workstation processors and corresponding Fishhawk Falls platforms are getting closer to release.

Intel Xeon Roadmap
Recently, Intel officially confirmed that the Sapphire Rapids HEDT/workstation CPU will be launched soon, providing a new generation platform for PC enthusiasts, workstations, and content creators. Although the exact time was not provided, it should not be too long to wait, it is expected to be between the end of the first quarter of next year and the beginning of the second quarter.  It is rumored that the new generation of products adopts a new LGA4677 socket and is equipped with a W790 chipset, which are divided into the Xeon W-3000 series and Xeon W-2000 series. The release date of the former is April 2023 and the release date of the latter is March 2023.

The Xeon W-3000 series is equipped with up to 56 cores and supports up to 112 PCIe channels and eight-channel DDR5-4800 memory, while the Xeon W-2000 series is equipped with up to 24 cores, supports up to 64 PCIe lanes and four-channel DDR5-4800 memory. Additionally, models with an “X” suffix support overclocking.