Intel Arrow Lake-H Follows Meteor Lake’s Footsteps with 6P+8E Core Layout

Devices equipped with Intel’s Meteor Lake mobile processors are slated to hit the market next month, while Intel is dispatching pre-review samples of its next-generation Arrow Lake mobile processors to its global centers. According to Intel’s published CPU roadmap, the Arrow Lake mobile processors are set for a 2024 release.

Recently, a netizen unearthed shipping list information for Arrow Lake-H, revealing a core configuration identical to Meteor Lake, featuring six P-Cores coupled with eight E-Cores. However, Arrow Lake-H is set to have a higher power consumption setting, with a TDP of 45W, while Meteor Lake, barring the Core 9 Ultra model, primarily focuses on sub-30W configurations. Next year, Arrow Lake-H is expected to replace the 14th generation Core H series mobile processors, catering to the new generation of mobile gaming platforms and lightweight content creation laptops.

The GPU architecture of Arrow Lake-H will undergo modifications based on Meteor Lake, transitioning from Xe-LPG to Xe-LPG+. This update indicates an integrated GPU of the GT2 tier. Arrow Lake-H will markedly differ from Meteor Lake in the CPU segment, with P-Core and E-Core respectively advancing to the new Lion Cove and Skymont architectures. However, rumors suggest that the SOC’s LP E-Core will continue to utilize Meteor Lake’s Crestmont architecture. The computing module is anticipated to be manufactured using Intel’s 20A process, while other modules may incorporate third-party foundry processes, with TSMC’s N3/N4/N5/N6 technologies as potential candidates.

Arrow Lake’s release is likely to coincide with that of Lunar Lake, although the latter is distinctively positioned for low-power systems, ranging from 8W to 30W chips. Arrow Lake represents a top-down design, covering a broader spectrum and encompassing most of Intel’s consumer product line, including desktops.