Intel Arc Alchemist public version of the flagship graphics card leaks

Youtube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead, released pictures of engineering samples of discrete graphics cards of Intel’s DG2 (Discrete Graphics 2) series. According to the leaked pictures, it can be seen that this engineering sample should be in a very early stage, and it should be a graphics card equipped with DG2-512EU based on the Xe-HPG architecture.

Recently, Moore’s Law Is Dead shared the physical Alchemist public version of the graphics card. The appearance of the flagship model (DG2-512EU) is highly similar to the previously exposed renderings. The difference is that this time a rendering of the entry-level product (DG2-128EU) is also provided. In the entry-level graphics card market, there has not been a GPU with a new architecture for a long time.

Different from the flagship model Alchemist graphics card of past engineering samples, this time the color of the PCB has changed from green to black, the radiator is silver, and the fan is also black. It is equipped with two external power ports, 8Pin, and 6Pin respectively, and the estimated TDP is 225W. With the arrival of the new PCIe 5.0 external power supply interface, I don’t know if Intel will also introduce it to the Alchemist graphics card that will be released next year.

Also newly exposed is the entry-level model Alchemist graphics card under Intel Arc, which has the same design style as the flagship model. It is said that this entry-level Alchemist graphics card has a TDP of 75W and does not require an external power supply. It is equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 memory instead of the rumored 4GB. The emergence of this card makes the entry-level graphics card market interesting.