Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Intel announced the recall of Xeon E-2274G processors

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The Xeon series of high-performance processors are typically used on servers or workstations to provide long-term continuous stability support for servers and workstations. Of course, in the excellent hardware performance, it also needs to cooperate with the auxiliary hardware, especially the processor-specific cooling fan. If the heat dissipation effect is not good, it will affect the performance. However, Intel, the processor manufacturer, has really made this kind of low-level error, and some of the Xeon series processors are equipped with low-level cooling fans to affect their life. To this end, Intel announced the recall of Xeon E-2274G processor and recommended that customers who purchase the Xeon series to remove the radiator and purchase the radiator that meets the requirements.  

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Xeon E-2274G processor is Intel’s 14nm processor in the Q2 quarter of 2019, with a core frequency of 4.9GHz and four cores supporting eight threads. The processor’s thermal design power is 83W, and Intel is equipped with the E97378-003 low-end heat sink, which can not achieve sufficient heat dissipation. Because of the heat sink, Intel has found that the processor can not achieve the best performance, and long-term high-load operation may also affect its life. To this end, Intel announced that these Xeon processors will be recalled and refitted with suitable heat sinks.

Via: AnandTech