In Just 2.5 Years, Samsung’s QD-OLED Monitors Reach 1 Million Mark

Samsung has announced that the shipment of its QD-OLED panels for monitors has surpassed one million units. Achieving this milestone in just two and a half years, the company has led the transition of the monitor market from LCD to OLED with its exceptional image quality.

Since 2022, Samsung has been producing QD-OLED panels for monitors to meet the growing demand for high refresh rates and rapid response times, attributes particularly prominent in the gaming industry. QD-OLED is an innovative self-emissive technology that uses a quantum dot (QD) emission layer to filter blue OLED light, creating colors with fast response times, high color accuracy, nearly infinite contrast, and wide viewing angles, making it ideal for large devices.

Currently, Samsung’s QD-OLED panel product line includes 27-inch, 31.5-inch, 34-inch, and 49-inch screens, offering various high-end specifications such as the industry’s highest 4K resolution and 360Hz refresh rate. Statistics show that Samsung has partnered with ten global monitor brands, launching over 90 QD-OLED monitor products. Looking ahead, Samsung plans to expand QD-OLED panels beyond gaming monitors to professional monitors for multimedia and entertainment production.

The market has responded positively to QD-OLED products, further elevating industry expectations for self-emissive displays. Market research firm Omdia predicts that the self-emissive display panel market will grow at an annual rate of 12.3%, reaching a market size of $1.08 billion by 2029, accounting for 10% of the entire display panel market.