Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

iFixit: Surface Pro X is easy to fix

1 min read

Microsoft’s Surface products have long been known for their irreparability, and users can’t basically repair or upgrade them. But Microsoft’s latest Surface product has slowly reversed this situation. For example, the Surface Laptop 3 has achieved significant improvements in fixability, and as a result, fixability has been scored by 5. At the same time, Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro X has also become more convenient to repair.

As usual, iFixit also disassembled Surface Pro X. As Microsoft said earlier, most components are modular in design that is easy to replace. But the Surface Pro X’s display is still difficult to remove, and if you want to replace other parts, you have to remove the display almost every time. And the Surface Pro X has a design flaw, that is, its battery is almost exactly stuck in the battery compartment if you want to replace it, it is not easy.

However, the repairability of Surface Pro X is still higher than that of all Surface products and achieved a good score of 6 points.

Source: iFixit