IFixit offers a wide range of repair parts and tools for Steam Deck

For the Steam Deck launched by Valve, iFixit announced that it will provide complete repair parts, allowing users to repair themselves with tools. There are even motherboards that include custom AMD Aerith processors.

In addition to providing a large number of repair parts, iFixit provides repair kits and even allows users to “upgrade” their Steam Deck. For example, you can replace the anti-glare screen that is only equipped on high-end models.
In addition to providing maintenance parts, iFixit naturally also provides corresponding maintenance tools which include a basic repair kit, and iOpener accessories for easy removal of the Steam Deck screen. However, it seems that the battery accessories corresponding to Steam Deck are not yet available. However, iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens stated that he will continue to cooperate with Valve and will provide more repair parts such as batteries for Steam Deck in the future.

In addition to batteries, iFixit has not yet provided accessories such as touchpads, direction keys, buttons, etc., and mainly provides accessories that are easier to wear under intense operation.