IBM launches its first quantum developer certification

IBM announced the launch of the world’s first developer certification for quantum computing programming. A market research report predicts that by 2030, quantum computing will become a $65 billion industry; at the same time, a large number of industry-related jobs will also be born. IBM said that as the demand for quantum expertise picks up, for developers, obtaining this certification can help them turn quantum programming skills into potential opportunities.

The IBM Quantum Developer Certification is a certification exam by providing 60 questions on the Pearson VUE computer testing platform. But of course, the focus of IBM’s certification is on their own software tools, especially Qiskit (SDK for quantum computers).

IBM frictionless quantum

However, in addition to mastering the basic knowledge of Qiskit, developers also need to learn some basic knowledge of quantum computing itself, including Bloch spheres, poly matrices, and multi-qubit gate. IBM said that those who pass the exam will have experience in using Qiskit to create and execute quantum code for IBM quantum computers and simulators; and have the ability to perform these tasks with little product documentation, support, or peer assistance. The exam is available worldwide, but currently, it seems to be only available in English.

IBM plans to establish a multi-level developer certification. Currently, the company has only issued the first of a series of certifications: focusing on verifying developers’ familiarity with quantum computing and using Qiskit to build and execute quantum circuits. This will also lay the foundation for the next series of certifications it plans to launch. Examples of test questions:

Given this code fragment, what is the probability that a measurement would result in |0> ?

qc = QuantumCircuit(1)
qc.ry(3 * math.pi/4, 0)

A. 0.8536
B. 0.5
C. 0.1464
D. 1.0

The announcement pointed out that training some quantum technicians is crucial for IBM Quantum and Qiskit. IBM plans to equip educators with opportunities to use IBM quantum tools through the Quantum Educators program, and provide educational support such as Introduction to Quantum Computing and Quantum Hardware.