September 20, 2020

Huawei: there is no plan to allow bootloader unlocking on the Mate 30

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Earlier, we mentioned that Huawei MATE 30 could not pre-install Google services for some reasons. This is actually a headache for the users outside China. Therefore, there is a rumor that Huawei might consider lifting the bootloader limit of the MATE30 series, allowing users to install the Google Series service on their own side. At present, most manufacturers will open the bootloader limit by default. The opening limit is mainly based on security considerations to prevent certain third-party software from bringing security problems. Huawei’s Android devices introduced in recent years have also opened the bootloader limit.

Huawei ban
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In response to the above-mentioned news, an official Huawei spokesperson said that there is currently no plan to lift the bootloader restrictions. Of course, the interview that Mr. Yu Chengdong accepted at the end of the conference also emphasized that Huawei only considered unlocking. Now it seems that this consideration is probably no longer a result.

Yesterday, we also mentioned that users can use the Google service assistant provided by the Chinese developer to directly complete the installation of the Google service.

Via: androidpolice