Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Huawei recommends the EU to develop an independent operating system to prevent the US from suddenly suspending Android authorization

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Although Huawei has repeatedly stressed that it hopes to cooperate with Google and other technology companies in the United States, Huawei has estimated that it has been hit hard if there is no backup plan. If there is no backup plan, Huawei’s rotating chairman Eric Xu estimates that he will not be able to continue the interview. Obviously, the standby plan prepared in advance is very important to Huawei. Recently, Eric Xu said in an interview with media: Huawei has no illusion that the conflict with the United States can be completely resolved in weeks or months.

EU investigate Apple GDPR

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Eric Xu said in an interview that Huawei did not completely suspend production under the ban of the US Department of Commerce. On the contrary, Huawei still maintained its momentum with the help of alternatives. At the same time, Eric Xu also suggested that EU member states cooperate to develop independent operating systems. If the EU has its own system ecology, Huawei is also willing to cooperate with the EU.

On the contrary, the United States can ask US companies to stop cooperating with Huawei for vain reasons, including stopping product supply and system authorization, and the United States can do the same for the EU. Therefore, if there is an alternative plan for EU member states, it will become a good thing.

To this end, Huawei has already intentionally discussed the issue of operating system development with various European companies. Some sources said that it is expected to be revealed by cooperation news early next year.

Via: Handelsblatt