Huawei Prepares to Plunge into VR: Unveiling a Rival for Apple’s Vision Pro

According to the revelations by X blogger Mochamad Farido Fanani, Huawei plans to launch a VR headset as a competitor to the Apple Vision Pro, thereby venturing into the wearable head-mounted display market. Following Samsung, Huawei is yet another tech giant aiming to penetrate this domain with its wearable head-mounted display, hoping to rival the Apple Vision Pro priced at $3499.

While the blog post does not divulge detailed product specifications, Mochamad Farido Fanani mentioned that the device will be equipped with a flagship SoC, indicating that it might not utilize the Kirin 9000S as its processor. Given that the Apple Vision Pro is equipped with Apple’s M2 and R1 chips, Huawei needs to develop a product with comparable performance. As per Mochamad Farido Fanani, Huawei’s MR glasses will feature a lightweight structural design, incorporating a built-in cooling module with a fan and supporting an external battery.

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Details about the production volume of Huawei’s first wearable head-mounted display remain undisclosed. Previously, according to wccftech, Samsung planned to produce 30,000 units of such devices. Hence, unless there is a surge in demand for these products, the production volume of Huawei’s wearable head-mounted display is likely to be similar to Samsung’s.

Notably, Mochamad Farido Fanani mentioned in the comments section of the blog post that Honor is also developing a wearable head-mounted display, though details about its design and other hardware aspects are still unknown.

For reference, the current configuration of the Apple Vision Pro includes custom Zeiss optical lenses delivering a 23-million-pixel display, with a wide color gamut and HDR capabilities. It features the M2+R1 chip, along with 12 sensors, 5 cameras, and 6 microphones, and supports an external battery.