How to Download Audio From SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a popular music transfer platform that connects music lovers worldwide in seconds. There you can find millions of music tracks, remixes, and much more related to the musical theme.

You can listen to music on SoundCloud in the basic version absolutely for free. But users cannot download it to their devices like PCs, phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

How to download audio from SoundCloud for free?

Believe us, it’s easier than ever if you use several SoundCloud mp3 downloader tools and our instructions to them.

How to download audio from SoundCloud with an online service

The first, safest, and easiest way to download audio from SoundCloud is to use an online service. There are many such services on the Internet, but we recommend paying attention to Toolzu. (Of course, you can choose any other service.)

The service works as a cloud platform. You do not need to download, install or register in it. It is free and does not require authorization.

All you need is to add a link to the desired SoundCloud track in the search field. Then, after 30 seconds, the service will offer you to download the track in mp3 format to your PC, phone, laptop, etc.

Note: It is a legal way to download music. However, do not forget that if you use the downloaded music for commercial purposes in the future and not for simple offline listening, there may be consequences.

With a browser extension

The second way music lovers most often use is a browser extension. This method helps save the most favorite music tracks and enjoy music offline.

To start using the extension, you should download and install the chosen one on the browser. For that, you need to go to your browser’s online store (Chrome or Firefox) and choose the extension that suits you the most. In principle, there is no significant difference between them. Only paid content and advanced features are possible.

After downloading and installing the extension, a SoundCloud icon will be added to your browser page by clicking on which you can download the music you like to your PC.

Note: Such browser extension tools often violate SoundCloud’s terms of service. Therefore, such tools are regularly removed from online stores. Unfortunately, if your extension has been deleted from the store, you can’t find it again. Consequently, you should test other tools from the store.

With the Telegram app

Telegram is not just a messenger. It is very effective in working at the PC: It’s an endless cloud space for files, groups, chats, calls, and bots.

In addition, there are a lot of useful Telegram bots that simply automate any tasks. What is most remarkable, Telegram can be installed on a phone, PC, or used in a web browser.

The coolest thing is that in Telegram you can create your own private channel and make a playlist with music there, which you can listen to locally or via the Internet.

Open Telegram and enter the bot name @sc_download_bot in the search box. Next, a list of bots will be shown. Click on the bot that has the exact address in the name. When the bot opens, click “Launch,” then paste the copied link to the music from SoundCloud into it.

It will automatically download an audio file in mp3 format, which will appear locally on your PC or phone.


We hope this article was useful for you, and now you won’t be frantically looking for working ways to download music via SoundCloud. After all, the above methods will help you download any track for free safely and in a matter of minutes.