How to Design a Website Landing Page for Selling Your Business

There are many ways to put the word out that you are going to sell your business. From setting up ads on papers or social media to talking about it in the newspapers, you can let people know about the sale in many ways. One of the more prominent ways to do so is by setting up a landing page highlighting the sale. It is effective, affordable, and can easily grab the attention of possible buyers. Plus, you can host it on your company or business domain.

In case you are interested in this idea, here is how you can design a website landing page for selling your business.

User Experience Gets Top Priority

For any website or landing page, the user experience will always get top priority. It is one of the most vital aspects of any landing page. User-friendly websites make your visitors feel comfortable while navigating through them. Webpages with complicated user interfaces will make for a poor user experience. That in turn is likely to put people off.

Your landing page needs to have certain qualities for a smooth and friendly user experience, such as:

  • It needs a quick loading time.
  • The website has to be responsive.
  • It cannot have fonts that are peculiar in any way.
  • The user must be able to find everything they are looking for in the right sections or parts of the website.
  • You need to use a color palette that is striking but not obnoxious to your users.

Hero Section Contains Some Striking Visuals and the Company’s Net Value

The first thing your visitors will see when they visit your landing page is the hero or header section. Thus, you have to grab their attention right in this section. For that, you will need some striking visuals. They can be anything related to the business you are selling. Along with that, it should also contain the company’s net valuation. Buyers will want to know how much the business is worth and whether or not they can profit from it. By putting the valuation at the top of the landing page, you are essentially piquing their interest.

To do the valuation, you can use a business valuation calculator. This valuation tool will help you calculate the total worth of your business by taking in necessary data from you.

A Detailed ‘About Us’ Section

The primary aim of this section is to introduce your potential buyers to the business and maybe the industry in general. There is a high chance that they lack knowledge about the company or the industry. This section, and subsequent ones, will help them get a good overview regarding the business itself, and the way things run in your sector. It might also help them generate ideas as to how they want to change things if they ever buy the business.

A Section Dedicated to the Assets and Resources of the Business

Buyers want to know everything about the business before showing their interests. Hence, you need to feed that information to them through your landing page. Dedicate a section of the website to the assets and resources of your business. Let buyers know what they are getting for their money. This section will be a blend of images and texts. Keep the text size small and informative. You should also use data visualization to give them a clear idea regarding the assets or resources in brief.

Call to Action

All the visual and informative parts of your landing page are done. Now just one last thing to do – adding a call to action button.

The call to action button is what potential buyers will press if they are interested in buying your business. The button should redirect them to a registration form through which they can register their interest. Be sure to take all the necessary information from them through this form. You should also give them space to write about their interest and why they would like to buy the business.

Once submitted, the form with all the information should be delivered to you for further assessment. After that, you can create a shortlist of potential buyers that you want to contact.

And there you go – your landing page is ready. You can even promote the website on social media if you want to reach more buyers. And know that you will have no trouble finding potential customers if you stick to the steps mentioned above.