How ElectrifAi LLC Is Redefining What Machine Learning Can Do

Since the first artificial intelligence program was introduced in 1951, the public has been captivated by what the technology could mean for everyday life. In the ensuing decades, we’ve had countless iterations of the technology, and it’s undoubtedly come a very long way.

Despite all the improvements, though, there are still limitations to what it can do. In fact, ElectrifAi LLC‘s CEO, Edward Scott, is the first to admit it. That’s why his company has introduced machine learning that can sift through endless data for companies that need to find real solutions. In addition to combing through it all, the company adds a layer of intelligence on top of everything. 

The Last Mile

AI has been astounding people in test environments for quite some time now. In these highly controlled settings, it looks like there’s no end to what it can do. However, taking the AI pilot out into the real world has been anything but smooth sailing. This struggle is what’s known as the last mile, and it’s been challenging for people on both sides of the transaction. 

If organizations want to use an AI model that works, they need to find a company that truly understands that ever-present gap. At ElectrifAi LLC, the company knows that most businesses that use AI can’t manage its output in a meaningful way. In addition, AI can only shift so much. Once tastes change and data changes, AI won’t be able to keep up with it all. It’s frustrating for anyone, but especially frustrating for those who have invested so much into a program with such limited delivery. 

ElectrifAi LLC at Work

The main goal of ElectrifAi is to ensure that an AI program continues to work, even with all of the changing metrics that surround it. Edward Scott says that it starts with understanding exactly what you want out of the AI. How an organization defines success will be specific to its individual goals. 

Too many companies start with vague, overarching visions that end up nothing like what they planned. Scott believes in starting small and defining the problem down to the letter so there’s no confusion along the way. For instance, ElectrifAi’s pre-built machine learning can be adapted to help predict customer needs. It can help companies gain the upper hand in negotiations and ward off unnecessary risk for unreliable vendors. It can analyze complex contracts so you don’t have to pay a lawyer to do it. These are just a handful of ways that AI can take the pressure off companies while simultaneously saving money and time. 

The pre-built machine learning and neuro-linguistic products from ElectrifAi can be configured for a variety of departments. The goal is to drive business outcomes in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. While companies will undoubtedly need internal support to keep the program going, ElectrifAi is doing everything on its end to make that endurance test of the last mile a little less daunting.