Hitachi established a new Generative AI Center to promote the development of large-scale AI technology applications with Microsoft technology

In harmony with the Japanese government’s fervent integration of Artificial Intelligence technology, corporate entities such as Hitachi have announced the establishment of a novel Generative AI center utilizing autogenerative AI. This innovative endeavor is poised to bolster various internal business developments, including customer-facing consultation services, and is slated for an official inauguration in June of this year.

Simultaneously, Hitachi has broadcast its intention to deepen its collaboration with Microsoft in its AI operations under Lumada. This partnership will entail the incorporation of technological resources borne out of Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI, thereby catalyzing the growth of AI technology on a larger scale. A key product of this collaboration is the ‘Generative AI Assistant Tool’, a pioneering initiative expected to commence deployment by the end of May.

This tool is designed to possess capabilities such as summarizing meeting records, translating languages, and creating program codes. Furthermore, Hitachi plans to curate customer consultation services through autogenerative AI, develop application services via AI, and utilize it for workforce training.

Additionally, Hitachi intends to leverage the collaborative technology of Microsoft and OpenAI to construct its cloud service infrastructure and operational-related application services. Hitachi has elucidated that guidelines will be crafted for the design of autogenerative AI application technologies. In scenarios where issues arise beyond the scope of these guidelines, the situation will be transferred to actual personnel for resolution, thereby circumventing unforeseen circumstances.