HiFive Pro P550 board will be available in summer

Although Intel’s main business is to design and manufacture x86 chips, under the promotion of the new CEO Pat Gelsinger, they are also developing in multiple directions, such as the chip foundry business. Earlier, they cooperated with SiFive, a RISC-V chip design company, and launched a development board code-named “Horse Creek“, in which the RISC-V processor is based on the Intel 4 process.

According to Liliputing, SiFive, and Intel revealed more about the “Horse Creek” development board. First, its official name is the HiFive Pro P550 development board, and second, it will be officially launched in the summer.

Regarding the specific details of this RISC-V processor, in addition to the Intel 4 process already mentioned at the beginning, it is equipped with four SiFive high-performance P550 64-bit CPU cores with a frequency of more than 2GHz. Each core has an independent 128KB L2 cache; 4 cores share a 2MB L3 cache. In addition, it has a 13-stage, 3-issue pipeline that supports out-of-order execution.

This mATX form factor development board provides 16GB of onboard DDR5-5600 memory, two PCIe 5 slots, and M.2 2230 and M.2 2280 slots. There is also an onboard GPU, 6 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports, and a 10GbE network port, which is quite rich in configuration.

Intel and SiFive also said that the development board, which will be released in the summer, will be the highest-performance RISC-V development platform. As such, its target audience is RISC-V software developers rather than general mainstream users. In terms of price, SiFive and Intel have not yet disclosed. However, considering the positioning and performance of this development board, I am afraid it will not be too low.