Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

A web browser is like a portal to the internet world, be it reading your favorite blog, streaming music video, or downloading important data. When talking of the browser Chrome is surely on the top, while you are aware of the basic features of the chrome, there are some hidden features that you have never heard of. Our today’s guide will present you with all those hidden chrome features that will make your life easier.

The list consists of some Chrome Flag features as well, all of which are tested and found to be working smoothly. However, if you face any difficulty in opening web pages and facing errors like Dns_Probe_Finished_No_Internet. You can disable it at any time.

To Access Chrome Flags:

  • STEP 1. Go to the Address/Search bar of chrome
  • STEP 2. Enter chrome://flags
  • STEP 3. You can easily search the flags using CTRL+F
  • STEP 4. To enable, on the right click on the enable button/ sam for disabling

1. Parallel Downloading

Parallel downloading is a hidden feature of chrome that speeds up your downloading process. Suppose you are downloading a file and if the feature is turned on. It will split the file into 3 different jobs and speed up the overall downloading process. Most of the advanced download managers use this approach to download files faster than usual. It is a chrome flag feature.

2. QUIC Protocol

Chrome already loads up the webpages much faster than other browsers with this feature enabled it will be rocket fast with secure data transferring. It is a protocol that is developed by Google, it’s a combination of TCP and UDP protocol that focuses on the faster opening of web pages. It is also a Chrome Flag Feature.

3. Duet Feature

Smartphone screens have become too large for our fingers, it’s almost impossible to touch one end of the screen from the other end. While using chrome it becomes impossible to access your search bar, tabs, and menu with just one hand. With the Duet feature, you can make this possible. The feature enables the search bar, tabs, and menu at the bottom of the screen which ultimately makes it much easier to use the device while browsing with just one hand. It is also a Chrome Flag Feature for mobile.

4. Shared Clipboard

Suppose you are using your smartphone and going through an important piece of information on the internet and want to copy certain text to the desktop. But it can be a too lengthy process to bring that text to your desktop. With the Shared clipboard feature, it can be done within a second. To make this work you have to enable Shared clipboard this for both the desktop and smartphone.

5. Tab Swipe

It is not any hidden feature but there is a nice count of users who aren’t known to this feature. Usually, when we switch between the tabs, we use the tab button and then choose the tab. Well, what you do not know is that you can easily swipe to switch between the tabs. Simply swipe from right to left or vice versa on the search bar to switch. It’s a Chrome app feature on mobile.

6. Word Meaning

Suppose you are browsing a website and reading the information. Right at the moment, you found a word whose meaning you do not know, normally we select the word then open the web page and search the meaning. Well, it is much easier than that. Simply long-press the word and below you can see a small window, simply swipe up and the meaning will be there. It’s a Chrome app feature on mobile.

7. Augmented Reality

It is a fun feature for your younger ones or you can enjoy yourself. It is a feature that allows you to view animals in real 3d in augmented reality. To use this feature simply search any animal for e.g. Tiger and then form the search page, slightly scroll down, and click on View in 3D button and you can see the animal in Augmented reality using the camera. It’s a Chrome app feature on mobile.

8. Form Autofill

We all have been in the situation where we have to fill a certain form or sign up for any website, it is really a lengthy process to fill the complete form. Well, the feature which we are talking about is a one-stop solution to this issue. It will save time, maintain accuracy, and prevents lots of hassles. To access simply go to Settings then Address & More, here click on Add more and fill the form just one time. Next time when you have to fill a form just tap in the entry box and the form will be filled automatically.

9. Ephemeral Tab

Suppose you are on a website reading through the article, suddenly you found an article that you like to read but do not want to close the current article or tab. With this feature turned on you can read the article without losing the current tab, simply long-press on the article link, and choose the Preview page and you can read the article. It is a chrome flag feature

10. Smooth Scrolling

Smooth scrolling is for all those readers and content skimmers; when there are a lot of tabs opened up we all have faced the stutter issue while scrolling. This sometimes skips the content and spoils the browsing experience. When this is enabled you get a smooth scrolling even if you have multiple tabs opened. It is a chrome flag feature


The above article talks about some of the best hidden or unknown features of chrome. All the features focus on saving time, faster browsing, and overall devote to the better browsing experience.