Hackers stole nude photos and videos of hundreds of female sports stars and celebrities in the UK and leaked them online

In the early years, American celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson were hacked to leak private photos. The problem of such attacks stealing private information of celebrities is still ongoing.

According to The Times reports, hackers recently used unknown means to steal nude photos and videos of hundreds of female sports stars and celebrities in the UK, and they leaked them online.

This attack is rather vague, because neither hackers have come forward to admit the incident, nor have hackers sent emails to these victims for money extortion.

Therefore, no one knows the purpose of the attack and why it was directly disclosed on the Internet, but the number of sports stars involved in the hacking incident is very wide.

When these female sports stars were hacked, the well-known football club Manchester United was also attacked. At that time, Manchester United quickly disconnected its equipment to prevent data leakage.

Manchester United officials have not yet clearly stated the hacking, but from the time point of view, Manchester United was hacked and the female sports star was attacked within the same hour.

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Therefore, this is probably not an isolated incident, but a targeted attack launched by a hacker team targeting the British sports world, but the purpose of the attack is temporarily unclear.

Compared with the targeted Manchester United attack, these sports stars and celebrities have suffered much more damage, so the stolen data contained a large number of private photos and videos and even nude photos.

Judging from the currently known information, the attackers used the mobile phones of these female sports stars and celebrities to steal data. After all, mobile phones are people’s most private items. These affected sports stars and celebrities do not belong to the same agency or club.

Of course, in addition to female sports stars and celebrities, a small number of male sports stars are also affected. At least four athletes have admitted that their data has been stolen and leaked.

An athlete said that he had stolen more than 100 photos, and another athlete said that he had stolen more than 30 photos and videos and leaked them online.

These athletes are currently trying to delete the data from the Internet, but as you know, it is almost impossible to completely clean up the data as long as it is leaked to the Internet.

Some athletes expressed frustration that the leaked photos and videos would have a serious impact on their lives, but there is no good way to stop the spread.