Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Hackers steal the private information of top domain name registrar

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Domain name registrar suffered hacking and data breaches. Subsequent investigations revealed that its two subsidiaries (Network Solutions and were the victim. The report said that the incident occurred in late August, but was not noticed by the company until a few weeks ago. The attacker has access to private information about the client, but has not revealed how many people are affected. explains:

“We store credit card numbers in a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant encryption standard and do not believe your credit card information is vulnerable as a specific result of this incident.”

Although emphasizes that an attacker has failed to access the credit card and payment information, it is recommended that customers change the password.

Immediately after the incident, a comprehensive survey was conducted with an independent network security company to determine the specific data and customer scope affected. At the same time, the matter was reported to the federal authorities and a notice was sent to the affected customers.

The two companies claim that maintaining customer information is their core mission, and they are committed to protecting customers from information abuse, and invest heavily in network security and will continue to do so.