Hackers Breach Israeli Ministries: National Security Under Threat

In a recent series of cyberattacks, an unidentified group of hackers infiltrated the systems of two key Israeli ministries—the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Justice—raising alarms at the highest levels of national security.

Sources confirmed that the attack on the Ministry of Defense was successful, resulting in the theft and publication of documents on Telegram that purportedly reveal internal communications and orders of the ministry. The attackers claim to possess a substantial array of data, which they are offering for sale for 50 bitcoins, approximately equivalent to $3.5 million.

Kansas State University cyberattack

In addition to demanding a ransom, the hackers have called for the release of 500 prisoners convicted of terrorism in exchange for not disseminating the collected data. Representatives of Israel’s security services have declined to discuss the details, only confirming the breach.

Israeli media also reported that during the attack on the Ministry of Justice on April 5, hackers gained access to hundreds of gigabytes of data, including personal information of employees and official documents. Despite the Ministry of Justice’s denial of the attack, sources claim that about 100 GB of sensitive information is already circulating online.

The hackers are conducting their operations as part of the annual anti-Israel campaign known as OpIsrael (Operation Israel), which takes place every April. Last year, the campaign targeted irrigation systems in northern Israel, as well as the Israel Postal Service.

The cybercriminals also claimed to have penetrated the missile warning system integrated into the Iron Dome missile defense system, which experienced disruptions. Official representatives of the Israeli military have not commented on this matter.

Authorities are intensifying measures to protect information, emphasizing strict security procedures designed to prevent such incidents, including mandatory checks and investigations of any attempt of unauthorized access to the networks of defense and law enforcement agencies.