GuliKit launches the new docking station: Support Steam Deck, ROG Ally, Switch and Ayaneo’ consoles

In the past, GuliKit, known for releasing a range of accessories for the Steam Deck, recently announced the launch of a dock inspired by the design elements of the Super Nintendo. This accessory facilitates users in connecting the Steam Deck to televisions or large screens, and pairs seamlessly with Bluetooth controllers, transforming the device into a desktop gaming experience.

Moreover, this dock is not exclusively for the Steam Deck. It’s also compatible with devices like the ROG Ally from ASUS, the AYANEO series from Yano, and even the Nintendo Switch.

In terms of specifications, this docking accessory offers a USB-C charging connection and an external charger port, boasting up to 100W power transmission. It also features a wired ethernet, HDMI, and three USB 3.0 ports, with a video output capacity of up to 4K at 60Hz.

The overall aesthetic design takes inspiration from the Super Nintendo, and the docking recess has been equipped with ventilation holes. A sliding cover can be manually adjusted for protection when not in use.

GuliKit has yet to confirm the release date for this docking accessory, but it is expected to be available as early as September. The recommended retail price remains undecided, and it’s unclear if other design variations, such as one inspired by the Japanese Super Nintendo, will be introduced.