Google’s quantum computer reportedly beat the most powerful supercomputers

Google officially published a paper in the scientific journal Nature to announce the realization of quantum hegemony, and the scientific community can now review Google papers more widely. Google said that its 54-qubit processor can calculate the amount of computation required for the world’s most powerful supercomputer in 10,000 years in just 200 seconds.

In theory, a classic computer can complete any calculable problem as long as there is enough time, but the length of the calculation is different. The use of its technical principles by quantum computers can greatly shorten the time of classical computer computing problems. So for classical computers, quantum computers can achieve supremacy, which is the main reason why Google uses the term quantum supremacy in its papers.

Google will now try to build “a fault-tolerant quantum computer” as quickly as possible. The company sees applications in designing lightweight batteries for cars and airplanes, as well as new medicines. “Achieving the necessary computational capabilities will still require years of hard engineering and scientific work. But we see a path clearly now, and we’re eager to move ahead,” it said in the post.