Google will officially close Allo in March next year

Google’s official blog said that it will officially close its chat application Allo in March 2019, and will focus on Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat and Android Messages in the future. Allo was officially launched in September 2016 and incorporates machine learning technologies such as Google Assistant. According to the blog post, Allo users can export all historical conversation records until April next year.

Image: Google [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

According to the report, since Allo has been introduced, although Google has been vigorously promoting the project, the effect is not obvious, and the active users and frequency of use are not high. Anil Sabharwal, vice president of Google products, previously admitted that the number of active users of Allo does not exceed 50 million, which is lower than the company’s desired. The news also said that Google has integrated the team responsible for the development of Allo into Android Messages, which will integrate the former’s functional migration into the latter.

By creating Android Messages as the default chat app, Google plans to set foot in the social arena with the default SMS app as an entry point. Integrating web chat styles with RCS is expected to attract more web-based information client groups. Although RCS is not widely supported on a global scale, more and more operators are joining the ranks.