Google Titan Security Key Abandons Bluetooth and switch to NFC

The TITAN security key is a hardware security product launched by Google. This security key can be used to replace software-layer security verification such as dynamic verification codes.

For example, when we log in to Google, we usually need to perform multi-factor authentication, but if we bind the Titan key, we only need to tap the back to quickly complete the identity authentication.

At present, the Titan keys launched by Google are all manufactured by the Chinese security chip manufacturer Feitian Chengxin. The models include USA-A, USB-C, Bluetooth version, and NFC version.

However, Google feels that NFC near field communication technology is mature, especially since most mobile devices already support NFC communication, so Google decided to abandon Bluetooth connection.

At the time of the announcement, Google has removed the Bluetooth version of its security key. Currently, only the USB-A/USB-C+NFC version of the Titan key is available for purchase.

These keys also support USB+NFC connections, so both PCs and mobile devices are very convenient, and existing Bluetooth version users can continue to use them.

Google said that the Bluetooth version of the Titan Security Key will continue to provide services until the warranty period is exceeded, at which time users can re-purchase the new version and bind it to the account.

Titan Security Key is manufactured in accordance with FIDO industry standards, so it can be used not only on Google accounts but also on other accounts that comply with FIDO standards.

In terms of price, the USB-A+NFC version includes a USB-A to USB-C adapter for only $30, and the USB-C+NFC version of the Titan key without a converter costs $35.