Google Tensor 3 SoC will use Samsung 3nm process

It was previously reported that Samsung is testing several new SoCs, one of which could be a next-generation Tensor chip. The exposed SoC model is S5P9865, which is very similar to the model of the original Tensor chip (S5P9845). It is speculated that it may be the Tensor 3 SoC for next year’s Pixel 8 series.

According to Business Korea, Google has decided to use Samsung’s 3nm process to produce the SoC used in the Pixel 8 series, and the two parties are currently co-developing the chip, which is planned to be launched in the second half of next year. Google has been sourcing Qualcomm’s chips until 2020, though with Samsung’s help, Tensor SoCs will be used for the first time in the Pixel 6 lineup in 2021.
Google Tensor SoC perfomance

Although the Tensor series of SoCs are currently only used in smartphones, Google also has its own chip expansion plans. In the future, self-developed chips will be used in tablet computers, notebook computers and servers, and it is believed that this can improve Google’s core services and product performance. In Samsung’s view, being a strategic partner of Google will also help improve its competitiveness in the overall semiconductor business.

At the end of last year, Google’s share of the smartphone market was just 3%, and the market is becoming saturated. On the other hand, Google’s Android system accounted for 72% of the global mobile operating system market during the same period. Google hopes to be able to optimize the combination of self-developed chips and operating systems, which can improve the quality of its products and services in an integrated ecosystem.

This year, Google will launch the Pixel 7 series products, which will be equipped with second-generation Tensor chips, which are expected to be manufactured using Samsung’s 4nm process.