Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Google stopped supporting the original Chromebook Pixel

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Google’s Chromebooks are often praised for their fast and seamless update policies, which means that users get most of the updates as soon as they are launched, and they almost never interrupt their work. Google is also working to create a discrete version of ChromeOS for all devices to download as little data as possible.

However, since Google has invested a lot of work for each update, it only supports each device (or hardware platform) for up to 6 years, after which it will stop providing updates. This is usually 5 to 6 years after the product is released, not five years after the initial purchase.

As a result, the company has now stopped supporting the original Chromebook Pixel, which is a bit later than it initially said. Although Google said that the Chromebook Pixel would enter an unsupported state from June 2018, the company has been keeping the device active throughout August, and now only informs the user that the device is in a support end of life.

In contrast, Windows PCs typically support Windows updates indefinitely and can still force the latest updates with the correct drivers. With ChromeOS, devices that are not supported will never get the built-in ChromeOS updates. Of course, the current Chromebook Pixel can still do what most users want it to do, and savvy users can abandon the Chrome OS and adopt the Linux operating system.

Via: androidheadlines