Google Stadia officially landed on iOS

Google recently announced that the iOS version of their cloud gaming service Stadia has completed all the testing phases and will soon be ready to launch on the Safari browser as a web page.

In fact, friends who have followed Google Stadia should also know that Stadia originally planned to log in to iOS as a normal application, but due to Apple’s various obstacles, unless all games in Stadia should have a dedicated page on the App Store, Stadia cannot be listed on iOS as an app. Google finally made the iOS version of Stadia into a web form, allowing iOS users to open it with the Safari browser.
Google Stadia iOS

Google Stadia started beta testing on iOS and iPadOS as early as December last year, and now this latest public beta version will include options such as moving to device resolution optimization. IOS and iPadOS users who want to use Stadia only need to create a Stadia account and add the relevant Progressive Web App to the homepage.

In fact, the recent development of Stadia is not particularly smooth, the direction of scale has also changed a lot from before. In 2019, Google was still acquiring game studios to provide better games for Stadia, but in February this year, Google suddenly announced that it would close two internal studios under Stadia due to cost considerations. Although Stadia, the cloud gaming service, will continue to operate normally, there will not be any new exclusive first-party game content.