Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Google seems to have given up running Windows 10 on a Chromebook

1 min read

Last year, Google launched a project called Project Campfire. Project Campfire enables Chromebooks to dual boot Windows 10 and Chrome OS operating systems. Chromebook users can access the full Windows application suite without losing the benefits of Chrome OS security and speed.

Google’s Project Campfire is a very useful feature for users who want to use their Chromebook as a dual boot machine. Users can run Windows 10 on their Chromebook and switch between the two systems at will. This dual boot feature was named AltOS by Google but requires up to 40 GB of storage to be enabled.

In addition to the higher system requirements, there is not much understanding of the project. This feature was first discovered in August last year. It was reported in October that Google’s Pixel Slate might launch this feature, but the results were not implemented. In addition, Google did not mention this feature at the I/O conference held last week. Until yesterday, Reddit users checked the official source code and found that the feature has been removed from ChromeOS.

Via: Neowin