Google promotes a larger Android market ecosystem at MWC 2023

Google pushes for a larger Android market ecosystem and advocates for an RCS messaging experience at MWC 2023. Google also announced multiple functional updates for Android, Wear OS, and Chrome OS operating systems.

In terms of Android OS, Google emphasized the importance of maintaining the latest version and information security for users, and further enhanced the noise reduction feature for Google Meet online meetings. Additionally, the default Chrome mobile browser for Android OS can now enlarge the browsing content by up to 300%.

Google MWC 2023

As for Wear OS updates, a new version of the Google Keep widget has been added for users to quickly check their to-do list on the watch screen. Users can even input notes and calendar events through voice control on compatible watch devices. Sound-wise, a mono sound option has been added, and display-wise, grayscale display, and color correction have been improved.

In terms of Chrome OS, the Fast Pair feature has been enhanced for faster and more intuitive pairing and connection between Chromebooks and supported headphone accessories.

Google has collaborated with more telecom operators to support the RCS messaging standard and recently announced a partnership with Vodafone to promote RCS messaging content. This will ensure that all text messages are presented in the same form and not different due to brand or device differences. Additionally, Google has urged Apple to join the RCS messaging standard to avoid differences in message presentation between Android phones and iPhones.