Google Pixel Tablet will be officially released at the I/O 2023 conference

At the upcoming I/O 2023 conference in early May, Google is set to unveil a myriad of new hardware products, including the Pixel 7A smartphone, the Pixel Fold folding screen phone, and the much-anticipated return of their Android tablet, the Pixel Tablet. Although rumors have long circulated, unlike previous speculative renderings, Google now offers tangible demonstrations of these devices.

During last year’s I/O 2022, Google announced the Pixel Tablet, but with nearly a year spent developing a tablet, Google’s pace seems unparalleled, considering tablets are relatively mature hardware products. Others tend to release new generations annually. Sources suggest Google’s delay stems from their desire to fully transition to the 64-bit Android system and optimize smart home features, as they envision the Pixel Tablet serving as the central hub for family control.

Recently, a user shared a brief video showcasing the actual Pixel Tablet on social media. Consistent with other Google products, the Pixel Tablet will be available in a variety of understated color options, allowing for matching sets with Pixel smartphones, Pixel watches, and Pixel earbuds, including white, light blue, and pink hues. Some hardware features are also revealed, such as contact points on the tablet’s back for connecting to a charging dock, and a dedicated button for controlling camera and microphone access, ensuring user privacy and data security.

Although Google is no longer the exemplar and trendsetter for Android devices, as manufacturers have developed their own distinct styles for phones and tablets, Google’s status as the primary Android system developer warrants our attention. Those interested should keep an eye on the I/O 2023 conference, commencing on May 10th.

Via: 9to5google