Google partners with Font Bureau to create Roboto Flex fonts that can be freely adjusted

Google earlier announced the launch of Roboto Flex fonts that can be adjusted according to their needs, allowing users to create suitable font content through 12 adjustment parameters.

Although many adjustment parameters have been added, Google said that the adjusted fonts can be displayed on various documents normally so that designers do not have to replace the entire set of fonts because of subtle differences, and only need to fine-tune some details.

This set of fonts was created by Google in cooperation with Font Bureau, a type designer based in Boston. In addition to the size of the font itself, you can also adjust the letter width, slope, letter straight height, letter hem height, thickness, etc. After completing the adjustment, the font can be packaged and downloaded for use.

As for the font itself, it adopts the open font licensing mode, as long as it does not involve separate sales of fonts or the use mode beyond the authorized scope, it can be freely used in various publications, such as apps, and web pages, etc. However, currently, Roboto Flex fonts only correspond to English letters and do not correspond to other languages.