Google may bring “Live Captions” to Android 11 for Phone calls

Google initially introduced real-time subtitles for the Pixel 4 with Android 10 system, which can automatically recognize the media sound in the phone and convert it to text, but it has not been supported for user calls since its release, but it is currently good. The news came, the developer found that Google added real-time subtitles to the code for calling in the Android 11 developer preview.

The real-time subtitles feature was first unveiled to the public at Google I/O 2019. Its voice recognition uses Google ’s own recognition engine, which can provide voice-to-text services for any form of media. You only need to press the volume when playing media. You can find an icon under the volume adjustment control.

Of course, your phone needs to support this function. Currently, only some models of Pixel, OnePlus, and Samsung support it, and call and video chat are not supported.

Back to the beginning, a developer has discovered that Google plans to use this feature in a call and also found that when the feature is activated during a call, it will remind both parties that the content will be transcribed, specifically by playing an audio file to remind: “Hi, the person you’re about to speak with has call captions turned on. They’ll see captions of what you say to help them listen along.”

This discovery is estimated to be certain that Google will announce that they will bring real-time subtitles to the call when Android 11 is released this year.

Via: XDA