October 24, 2020

Google launches fuchsia.dev website to supply documentation for developing Fuchsia OS

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For Google, their idea of ​​building a next-generation operating system has already begun, and this year at the Google I/O conference they also studied this matter with developers, and now the Fuchsia OS website has quietly launched. Google officially produced Fuchsia OS developer website, Fuchsia.dev quietly released, the website is mainly to allow developers to participate in the development of this system, and Google also provides search capabilities, so that developers can search Any Fuchsia OS technical documentation.

remove Armadillo Fuchsia

Fuchsia OS is an open source project similar to AOSP that runs everything from smart home devices to laptops to mobile phones. It is also believed to be based on a new kernel developed by Google called zircon, rather than a Linux kernel based on Android and Chrome OS.

For this brand new system, from the perspective of Google’s action, it is used to replace Android and Chrome OS, and it integrates the system together. In fact, the outside world is not surprised by Fuchsia OS compatible with Android, but the more important point is that in the official programming guidance document, Fuchsia OS is also compatible with x86-64 on the processor system.