September 30, 2020

Google introduces, making it easier to build applications on Chrome OS

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Google today launched the Chrome OS Developer site ( The website contains many technical resources, tutorials, code samples, and fresh information. The purpose is to help developers make the most of the features on the Chrome OS platform and build Chrome OS applications more easily.

The main target groups of are Web, Android, and Linux developers, as well as designers, product managers, and business leaders. Currently, the website only provides English and Spanish and will support more languages ​​in the future.

In order to cooperate with, Chrome OS has ushered in a series of updates for developers, for example, Linux terminal integration of tabs and shortcuts, customization of themes, and redesign of setting options.

Microsoft Edge supports Google Chrome extensions

Chromebooks now provide a complete Android emulator so that developers can test their Android applications on Chrome OS and optimize applications that support different Android versions and devices. In addition, it is easier to deploy programs on Chrome OS. Developers running Chrome OS M81 and above can deploy and test Android applications directly on Chromebooks without using developer mode or physically connecting other devices via USB.