Google I/O 2024 developer conference will be held on May 14th

Google has announced that the 2024 I/O conference will take place on May 10th. This event will primarily be conducted via live streaming, though a select number of developers, guests, and influencers will be invited to attend in person. Despite the limited seating available at the venue, the event will be accessible online to all users, aiming to attract a wider audience.

This year’s focal point is unmistakably artificial intelligence (AI), with Google hinting at the “Gemini era” in its previews. The latest Gemini version will likely be unveiled, along with news about the Gemma model. Recently, Gemini’s image generator has sparked controversy, leading to some unexpected outcomes and demonstrating excessive “diversity,” which Google CEO Sundar Pichai deemed “utterly unacceptable,” prompting the swift removal of the feature.

While Google’s advancements in AI are commendable and have shown exemplary performance across various domains, convincing the public that its technology can surpass competitors like Microsoft, OpenAI, Anthropic, and others is no easy task. Google aims to embed its AI models into devices, enhancing competitiveness with the robust capabilities of multimodal hybrid expert models.

Attendees can look forward to updates on new features in Android 15, as well as other service enhancements during the event. The new Pixel 8a smartphone might also make its debut, following last year’s launch of the Pixel 7a at the developer conference. Additionally, updates to Google TV and Chromecast products are anticipated.