Google has proposed more than 20 adjustments in response to EU digital market law

In anticipation of the impending enforcement of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), Google has announced adjustments to its services within the EU to ensure compliance with local legislation. This strategic realignment encompasses more than twenty modifications spanning search, advertising, and third-party application development, all designed to align with the stringent requirements of the EU’s local laws.

The documented revisions exceed twenty in number, encompassing alterations to search and advertising operations as well as the development of third-party application services. Among these adjustments, the search function will now display results for flights and hotel prices not only from Google Flights but also from third-party services like Kayak and TripAdvisor, offering a broader comparison.

Google Goose

Furthermore, Android users will now find it easier to decide whether to disable the default Google Search engine or change the default browser, with options available upon initial device setup or through subsequent manual adjustments. This update, initially released for Android devices, will soon extend to Chrome OS and iOS devices as well.

In the realm of advertising, Google will take further steps to inquire if users consent to the provision of personal privacy data to deliver personalized advertising content. Moreover, for in-app digital goods purchases, Google is allowing developers to incorporate third-party payment services, a convenience that will soon expand to in-game content, facilitating users’ purchases of digital goods via third-party payment services.

Google continues to emphasize the paramount importance of user privacy and security, ensuring users can easily transfer or delete their personal privacy data from Google services.