Google emphasizes that the Stadia cloud streaming game service will continue to operate

In response to recent market rumors that Google’s Stadia cloud streaming game service will be shut down this summer, Google responded via Twitter earlier to clarify, emphasizing that it will continue to operate in the future and provide more game services.

Since the current development model is obviously different from the original idea, it is even more inclined to cooperate with external companies, so that external companies can use Stadia technology to create their own streaming game services.
In addition, key figures such as former Google Stadia head Jade Raymond, Google vice president, and Stadia product head John Justice have left one after another, and Google has also canceled its own game-related business, making the future of Stadia services obviously more uncertain.

Google responded earlier and emphasized that the Stadia service will continue to operate, and will continue to provide more free games for Stadia Pro subscribers.However, based on the fact that many of Google’s services in the past were closed after the lack of a sufficient number of users, whether it can attract more people to use it at present, and under the squeeze of similar services provided by Microsoft, Sony, NVIDIA, and Amazon, whether the Stadia service will be announced to close one day, or only retain the technical cooperation business, it is actually difficult to say.