Google continues to suspend April Fool’s Day activities

In recent years, the technology community has been very interested in April Fools’ Day activities. Previously, many technology companies would celebrate April Fools’ Day activities by releasing some highly creative products.

Not all of the products released on April Fools’ Day are completely fictitious. Some companies use April Fools’ Day as a marketing opportunity and actually make certain products.

So for now, April Fools’ Day is more of a marketing opportunity for technology companies, but Google announced last year that April Fools’ Day activities will be suspended and no products will be launched.

This year, Google also suspended April Fool’s Day activities and will not release any content related to it, including but not limited to network products or certain fictitious technology products.

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At the beginning of last year, the coronavirus epidemic began to spread globally, which affected the work and life of many people, and the operation of these technology giants was also affected.

At that time, Google told the media in advance that it would suspend April Fools’ Day activities. This year Google also suspended April Fools’ Day activities, and Google gave the same reasons. The current epidemic is still very serious and it is not suitable for April Fools’ Day activities.

In the letter to Google employees, Google VP Marvin Chow has this to say:

Throughout the past year, I have been so inspired by how helpful our products, programs, and people have been during humanity’s toughest times. We’ve done it with sensitivity and empathy, reflecting the range of challenging experiences so many are experiencing globally. As you will remember, last year we made the decision to pause our longstanding Google tradition of celebrating April Fools’ Day, out of respect for all those fighting COVID-19. With much of the world still grappling with serious challenges, we feel we should again pause the jokes for April Fools’ Day this year. Like we did last year, we should continue to find appropriate ways to bring moments of joy to our users throughout the year.

Via: androidauthority