Google Cloud IoT Core service will be shut down in August next year

Google earlier determined that it will shut down the IoT Core service in August 2023, allowing existing users to migrate their IoT devices to other partner service platforms.

The IoT Core service built on the Google Cloud platform was originally a hosting service for IoT device applications. It allows users to establish and connect many IoT devices through the Google Cloud cloud platform, and centrally manage them through the cloud platform, and at the same time, they can also record and analyze their captured data.

The IoT Core service was first proposed at the Google Cloud NEXT event in 2018. The Google Cloud IoT Edge service platform was constructed with projects such as Edge IoT Core and Edge ML software components. At the same time, the Edge TPU combined with artificial intelligence computing technology was launched for endpoint computing to accelerate the computing of edge IoT applications.
However, with Google officially shutting down the Android Things IoT development project from the beginning of this year, the announcement that it will shut down the IoT Core service seems to highlight Google’s plan to reorganize the IoT market development strategy.In addition to Google, companies including Microsoft and AWS are targeting the IoT application market to launch corresponding edge computing platforms and cloud hosting services, so as to grasp the larger business opportunities of IoT computing applications.