Google Chrome’s password manager will support fingerprint verification

In the past, the password manager of Google Chrome needed to enter the system login password if you wanted to view the password. Later, it supported Windows 10/11 PIN. Using a PIN code is indeed much more convenient than entering a full system login password, but so far Google has not supported other methods for quick verification.

In Google Chrome for Android and iOS, you can view the saved passwords unlocked by fingerprint or face authentication. After unlocking, you can view, copy and edit. An experimental flag in the Chromium Gerrit source code submission allows desktop users to also invoke biometric verification.
Of course, this is still in development and cannot be used. For the time being, we can only see the description. When this experimental flag is enabled, the verification of the fingerprint class can also be invoked on the desktop platform. In the Windows version, the most likely call is Windows Hello. It is not difficult to invoke fingerprint recognition on macOS, so it may be supported on each platform according to the support of platform biometric authentication.